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Get Set Sheep Setting Services 

Support WCSDS by hiring our experienced crew of sheep setters    


Get Set is a sheepdog trial setting crew based in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. All members of the crew, human and dog, go through a minimum of 8 hours of training to ensure that no matter which people or dogs are working at any given time the sheep are set in a consistent manner.

Our philosophy of setting is that the sheep should be kept calm at all times, both in the pens and on the way to the set point. We use a combination of dogs and people with the goal of minimizing pressure and stress on the sheep.  We want the first significant pressue put on the sheep to come from the competing dog.  If a set of sheep is particularly troublesome or one sheep does not like the others we will take them back and bring out another set. Our goal is to give every dog and handler team the same chance of sucess.            

Not all crew members will be at all events, the size and complexity of the job as well as who in the crew plans on running dogs determines how many people and dogs we bring. We bring a minimum of 4 people to all events (3 for days no one in the crew is competing) If the trial has a lot of runs we may bring a bigger crew to keep the crew fresh and attentive.

We have a set of radios that we use for internal communication. We bring resources to provide all our food and beverage needs except for lunch which we ask be provided for us. We travel with our own shade tents but do ask that a tub of water be provided for the dogs to cool off in.

For dogs from the crew that are running please draw as you normally would, we will work around it, we only ask that you dont put different crew members within 4 runs of each other to give us a chance to swap people without disruption to the trial.


  • A radio to communicate with course director or judge
  • Porta Potty near the set out facilities.
  • lunch
  • Water tub and water supply for dogs


  • Use of a 4 wheeler
  • Invite to handlers dinner
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