North West Championship Sheepdog Trial

Handler Camping and Parking 

Camping on site? Day parking? Please follow these directions

Camping is good for htis year but it is highly recommended that you bring boards for uder your wheels and blocks for your jacks.  Please dont drive around looking for a spot, pick one before entering the camping fields and avoid the middle of the field as much as possible.           


For those that will be bringing an RV of some sort the camp site is the field whose gate is directly behind the green shed.  Parts of the field may still be soft so please plan on having blocks for under your wheels and jacks.  Camping is on the north, east and west fence lines only. Camping field will open at 3 pm on Thursday. The main gate to the site will be closed until that time.       

Day Parking

All handlers will please park in the camping field along the south fenceline.

Dog Walking

The center of the camping/handler parking field as well as a small area to the east of this field are available for you to exercise you dogs. Do not go into the fields to the north with sheep and guardian dogs in them.

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