North West Championship Sheepdog Trial

Rules for the Scio Shed

On Saturday in Open at the Northwest Championship Trial we do a special shed coloquily known as the Scio Shed.

The Scio Shed is worth 20 points, unlike the 10 for a standard shed  There is often a bit of confusion from handlers over the rules for this shed so they are laid out here for all to see.

  1. This is a 20 point shed.
  2. There will be six sheep, three with collars, 3 without.
  3. In general it is judged as an international shed, the goal being to keep the colared sheep and remove the uncollared sheep. Any time a collared sheep leaves the ring there will be a deduction just as in the international shed.       
  4. The shed can be performed as a single cut or by sluffing off the uncollared sheep one by one. 
  5. If you are sluffing off the uncollared sheep standard international shedding rules about changing sides etc. apply.
  6. If you are doing the shed in a single cut then it should be performed as if it were your first cut in the international shed, letting the uncollard sheep leave while holding back the collared sheep then either handler or dog driving away (or allowing them to drift away) the uncollared sheep (as with the internation shed it is at the handlers discression how far away to take them) while keeping the colared sheep in the ring 
  7. Calling your dog straight thru like a normal shed then proceeding to the pen will be accepted but will result in a significant deduction (half the shed points)         
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